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 Forex Killer Review

forex killer

General Details:

Software: Forex Killer

Languages: English

Creators: Andreas Hirchberger

Price: $198


Forex Killer is a great trending indicator. By this one measure alone, it can be profitable. The software is very diligent about what signals it takes, and as such – doesn’t take as many as other systems. This can be a good thing, as it sticks to only the most reliable signals.

Forex Killer also generates a stop loss and profit target, unlike some of the other systems out there.

Unique Features:

Forex Killer has a great money management functionality, which keeps your trading capital safe by limiting the potential losses to a low percentage of your account. The Forex Killer system trades all major currencies, letting you take advantage of the various FX pairs in order to maximize profits.

Forex Killer can also be configured to trade on various time frames as well. This means that Forex Killer is a flexible piece of software that most traders will find useful to their styles and needs.

Potential Users:

Forex Killer is great for the new trader, as it will only take the most reliable signals, eliminating some of the “anxiety” that can come with watching the account ebb and flow. Forex Killer is good for those people that need lifetime updates to the software included, as those do in fact come with the system for free.

Forex Killer is also for those that simply want to make money while going on about their lives, and are simply looking for a passive income through an automated forex system, while being able to take the worry out of automated trading, as the software is a very careful one.


Forex Killer performs very well in testing, and capitalizes on the trending nature of the Forex markets very well. We found similar results as the developer claims on his site. The Forex Killer system also comes with several bonuses like a Non-Farm Payroll strategy for trading the system, a risk calculator, some winning tactics that other users of Forex Killer are employing, and Forex Killer MT4 Automater, which makes the robot completely self-reliant of human intervention at all. (The Forex Killer software can either be used for signals or as automated software.)

Forex Killer performed well in all currency pairs tested. We couldn’t identify a particular pair that seemed to do better than the others, as it seems to function just as well in all markets.

Forex Killer has a 60 day money back guarantee through ClickBank which makes purchasing it safe.

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