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Commercial Network Services Review

General Details:

Rating: 8.4                                Traffic: 1,000 GB

MT4 Preinstalled: Yes           Basic Package Price: $30

Click Here To Visit: Commercial Network Services

Commercial Network Services is by far one of the most reliable VPS hosting companies being used by Forex traders today. The technicians are constantly looking to improve the lag time on their servers at Commercial Network Services, and it shows. When we tested it, there was no noticeable lag between our computer and the server, which allows us to react to changes in the marketplace very rapidly when using Commercial Network Services as our host. The latency count is nearly zero, and is very reliable. As the data flows straight from the server to your broker, there will be fewer stops along the way, and makes the data transmission much faster.

Commercial Network Services offers its clients much more than a great connection though. The servers at Commercial Network Services are optimized for Windows 64-bit systems, but can also be used by any Windows, Linux or Mac,   computer. Commercial Network Services can also be accessed via most mobile devices that have the capability to surf the web. As an added bonus, Commercial Network Services also gives the user the ability to create 10 email addresses.

When you load an application on a server at Commercial Network Services, it will run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no matter what your computer at home is doing. This leads to more reliability, lack of computer problems or viruses interfering with trading, and a much faster trading program. When you are a Commercial Network Services client, you also will have free antivirus screening, backups that are preformed automatically, security updates, and disk defragmentation. The server packages at Commercial Network Services also come with a duel firewall set up, pack inspection programs, and anti-intrusion measures.

Commercial Network Services has shown itself to be dedicated to keeping connection speeds high, while keeping those connections reliable.  Commercial Network Services offers 24/7 customer support making it very consumer oriented in its approach. We found Commercial Network Services to be very reliable, and fast.

Click Here To Visit: Commercial Network Services

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