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StealPips Review

General Details:

Currencies supported: 2 currencies at one time


Recommend trading capital: $100

Price: $97


StealPips utilizes both a long and short methodology in order to protect your capital as a diversification method. It will take these types of trades on two currencies at a time in order to smooth out the equity curve. Because of this, StealPips is almost like a mini-Hedge Fund.

StealPips also has a dedicated membership area. The area contains FAQs, videos, and guides, as well as bonuses.

Unique Features:

StealPips uses two proprietary programs to come up with trading signals. One is the A.P.A.R. program that determines the current trend. The other one that StealPips uses is the T.U.L.D. program that helps it identify turning points in the markets.

The StealPips system also has stealth mode for protection from unscrupulous brokers. This allows the user to stop worrying about the broker widening spreads trying to “trick” the robot.

Monthly software updates are also provided by the makers of StealPips. This will make sure that the software is always performing at a peak level. The software will also work on ECN brokers, something that not all robots can claim.

Potential Users:

StealPips will appeal to traders who want to see frequent updates on the software packages they use. The system is perfect for those who have no desire to spend hours on studying charts, and are simply trading to make profits!

StealPips is also for those who want to see live results on a daily basis. (The owner posts his results on the product’s homepage.) Click here to StealPips live results


StealPips is ideal for the trader that has little trading capital to start out with, as the minimum deposit is only $100. The inexperienced trader is able to “try out” a StealPips before committing too much trading capital to it.

In our testing, we found StealPips to be a success. The previous claims of 63% in 16 days can be understood from our observations as our testing turned out a slower, but certainly robust 30% over the course of a month. It should be noted that the system does have a certain amount of volatility, but then again – that’s how you get the big returns too!

With the addition of free live updates and membership area, StealPips is a confirmed winner. There is also a 60 day money back guarantee as well that adds to your piece of mind when ordering this quality system.

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