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Fap Turbo Review

General Details:

Setup: 1 click installer

Currencies supported: Multiple

Demo account: Yes

Price: $149


Steve Carletti, Mike, and Uli.


FAP Turbo has been widely regarded as the gold-standard of automated forex robots. The FAP Turbo program attempts to capture small gains, allowing a high win ratio. It utilizes high leverage your broker offers by using a low drawdown strategy. This helps keep risk under control.

Unique Features:

FAP Turbo has a unique high trading frequency strategy. FAP Turbo looks for reliable short term scalping opportunities. FAP Turbo monitors five specific currency pairs, as the algorithm is highly specialized for them. The pairs include EUR/CHF, GBP/CHF, EUR/GBP, USD/CAD, and EUR/USD. Unlike many other automated systems, FAP Turbo doesn’t have huge stop-loss parameters. The system’s software also has a “stealth mode” to keep brokers from stop hunting your robot as well.

Potential Users:

FAP Turbo is a good, solid system for traders that are looking for a short-term scalping strategy that is safe. FAP Turbo will also be a good fit for those who prefer to purchase from a well-known and established vendor as well, as the creators are some of the “superstars” of the robot world. FAP Turbo helps those who wish to get straight to trading, and the steady profits a world-class robot like this can provide.


FAP Turbo showed itself to be a winner in our testing. The gains made by FAP Turbo seemed to come on almost like clockwork, and returned on our investment almost immediately.

FAP Turbo was the original system designed by these guys, and as such, is the core for all other systems to come. Because of the specialization of trading just 5 currency pairs, FAP Turbo is set for the nuances that can come into play on those markets. You will see a high frequency of trades when using FAP Turbo, as it is a scalping strategy – allowing your account to rapidly gain. We found FAP Turbo to be exactly what the designers claim, and that the win ratio is high. FAP Turbo has been running for 9 years, with a 5,000%+ net profit and 96% winning rate during that time. FAP Turbo comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee. As the creators of FAP Turbo are well-known designers, FAP Turbo can be a wise choice when purchasing a trading robot.

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