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Pips Miner Review

General Details:

Currencies supported: EUR/USD

Updates: Life-time free

Creators:Forexzone Ltd.

Price: Light Edition – €129


Pips Miner is a fully automated robot that has a win ratio of 90%. The software is created by a collection of professional traders form the reputable company Forexzone.

Pips Miner constantly analyzes the marketplace for possible trading signals. It is a short-term momentum trading system that looks to take advantage of small price movements.

Unique Features:

Pips Miner has money management functionality, which allows the trader to set the rules of spending which keeps your trading capital safe. The Pips Miner robot also trades just the EUR/USD pair, allowing it to be optimized for just that particular pair, accounting for all of the Euro’s subtle nuances.

The Pips Miner system focuses on the 5 minute time frame, making is a high frequency robot that can multiply your account rapidly as there are many more trading set ups.

Pips Miner also comes with three versions, which represent the different risk tolerance levels a trader may have:

PIPS MINER (LE -Light Edition)

PIPS MINER SE (Standard Edition)

PIPS MINER EE (Extended Edition).

Also, it should be noted that the system only trades during the London session, when the volume in the Forex markets is at its highest.

Potential Users:

Pips Miner is perfect for the new trader, as it functions with as little as $50 as a deposit into the trading account. This allows you to try it before risking too much trading capital. It is perfect for traders who do not live in the UK time zones, as it allows you to sleep while trading.

Pips Miner is also for those that simply want to make money while doing the important day-to-day routine, and not worry about doing all the complicate analysis.


Pips Miners performed very well and we found a similar success rate as the developer claimed. We had a roughly 90% win rate with Pips Miners as well, and it did perform even with as little as $50 in the account.

Pips Miner performed well in all sorts of market conditions as our testing proved. We had almost a 10% return for the first month while using Pips Miner. It had an extremely high hit rate, making the losses a little more than the wins, but overall the higher success rate made up for any draw downs.

Pips Miner has a 60 day money back guarantee through ClickBank which makes purchasing it safe, and gives the buyer piece of mind about their investment.

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