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Forex MegaDroid Review

General Details

Setup: 1 click installer

Currencies supported: EUR/USD

Demo account: Yes

Price: $149


Albert Perrie and John Grace


Forex MegaDroid has had its results posted publicly for the past two years, on a daily basis. Because of this, it shows that the creators of Forex MegaDroid are extremely confident and successful in their trading. The system boasts a 95.82% accuracy ratio, making MegaDroid one of the best performing Forex robots on the market for the last two years.

The Forex MegaDroid system seeks to take advantage of the “quiet time” in the Forex markets, between 21:00 and 23:00 GMT, and only trades the EUR/USD. Forex MegaDroid is optimized to take advantage of the low volatility of the markets during these hours, and the lower spreads of the EUR/USD as it aims for 10 pips at a time.

Unique Features:

Unlike many strategies, Forex MegaDroid avoids volatility at all costs. It simply looks for safe, slow, and consistent markets. The Forex MegaDroid system also keeps the risk/reward ratio at 3:1 to ensure success over the long run. Because of this, it can keep the account safe from serious harm as the drawdown will be very low. Because of this conservative money management approach, Forex MegaDroid is a dependable system.

Potential Users:

Forex MegaDroid is for those who have very little tolerance for the volatility that can appear in the Forex markets, yet want to take advantage of the great profit potential that is available. It also is good for traders that simply want to be “hands-off” when it comes to the analysis that a manual trader would have to do.


Forex MegaDroid is a great system to start out in the world of robot trading. It has a low volatility rating, and as such can be easier to let do its thing. This allows for the trader to capture the long-term results that the designers have achieved. Add to that the fact that it only trades EUR/USD, it is easier to “keep an eye on” as the world’s events may justify from time to time.

We found that in our testing that Forex MegaDroid was a steady gainer, and was very reliable. Most drawdown periods were minimal at best. One feature we found particularly innovative is the ability to change the unique ID settings to escape detection from your broker. This decreases the likelihood that your broker will ban your account, or worse yet, stop hunt your Forex MegaDroid robot through shady spread manipulation.

Forex MegaDroid has a 60 day money back guarantee backed by ClickBank. Because of this, you can feel secure in purchasing Forex MegaDroid, as it is both a solid conservative system, and a guaranteed one. For your money, Forex MegaDroid is a great place to start with your robot trading career.

One Response to “Forex MegaDroid Review”

  1. Harth542 says:

    I have had around 30 trades so far, on several demo accounts with Forex MegaDroid and until now all of them where profitable.

    Today I started to use Forex MegaDroid on my Easy Forex Live account. It took 2 trades, both winners. So far so good.


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