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LMT Forex Formula Review

General Details:

Creators: Dean Saunders

Languages: English Only


Price: $149

Name of automated forex trading system:

LMT Forex Formula


LMT Forex Formula is an upgrade of a previously popular system called Trend Forex V 1.0, which was a wildly successful indicator. It has simply been improved upon in this software package.

The LMT Forex Formula system has a simple Buy/Sell indicator that tells the trader what decision is statistically more viable to do. It has a track record of an 83.56% winning rate over the last 9 years.

Because the entry and exit points are always near the start or end of a trend, the maximum drawdown is cut to only 7.52%! Also, the average risk to reward ration on any given trade is 2.93 to 1, making it a long run winner.

Unique Features:

The LMT Forex Formula focuses specifically on the possibility of catching a top or bottom in the markets, which is where the long-term trades are born. By timing the entries and exits of your trades like this, it is possible to maximize returns in your account.

LMT Forex Formula is a system that also focuses on reducing draw down. Many systems will overlook this very vital part of the game. If your draw down is too high, it can really shake the trader’s confidence or worse yet – demolish the account.

Potential Users:

LMT Forex Formula is a potential system for all walks of life, as it takes so little energy and time to “ride a trend”, which is exactly what this system aims to do. LMT Forex Formula also will appeal to those traders who want to make a steady stream of income, as the trades can last for quite some time. When you are trading like this, the stress doesn’t come into play, as LMT Forex Formula is focusing on the larger moves, and they take time.

Other people that will find LMT Forex Formula appealing will be those who are trying to build an “nest egg”. With the strategy’s long-term view, it operates on the principal on longer term growth, and not quick scalps. This can lead to huge profits in the end, but the trades will take longer to be exited out of, as it tries to capitalize on the proclivity of the Forex markets to trend for long periods of time.


LMT Forex Formula is a great system for traders that are looking for “runners” in the markets. We found that with the LMT Forex Formula performs extremely well. The system designers claim that LMT Forex Formula produces an average annual profit of 452%, which is longer than we tested it, but with our results, isn’t an outrageous claim.

The system can be traded with as little as $500, which makes it useful for all people that might be involved in robot trading.

The system comes with a 60 money back guarantee form ClickBank as well, to ensure that the trader feels safe in purchasing it.

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