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Forex Executor Pro Review

General Details:

Updates: Life-time free

Currencies supported: All

Price: $97

Name of automated forex software:

Supremo FX Signals


Steven (Forex Trading Manuals)


Supremo FX Signals is completely automated, eliminating all potential human error when trading this system. Because of this, there is no steep learning curve when using Supremo FX Signals. It can be profitable straight out of the box because of this. The software tracks the markets on all timeframes and currencies, allowing it to maximize the amounts of signals it generates in a trading day.

Forex signals are usually a paid membership which a recurring monthly fee. This software comes with a 1 time fee for a life-time usage.

Unique Features:

Supremo FX Signals has its entire trading system encoded into the trading indicators, making it a completely hands-free trading system. There are no signals to follow, and as such, the system can just be left running at all times. Supremo FX Signals will generate trades in all currencies, and on all time frames meaning that it scalps, swing trades, and trend trades all simultaneously.  Because of this, Supremo FX Signals is a good all-around system for automated FX traders.

The Supremo FX Signals system is able to trade with as little as $100, making it a good starter system, as there is not only the elimination of human interference, but it is also affordable to start out with.

Potential Users:

Supremo FX Signals is ideal for the new trader, as it takes the need for human intervention out of the equation completely. Supremo FX Signals is a good choice for those people that need lifetime updates to the software included since it is included with the software.

Supremo FX Signals is also for those that simply want to make money and not spend their time studying the various aspects of the currency markets. The system is automated – so it makes money while you sleep as well! Supremo FX Signals allows the trader to relax and let the machine do the work for them.


Supremo FX Signals performs very well in testing, and has a phenomenal success rate, with 9 out of 10 trades being winners. Supremo FX Signals also boasts having made a live trading account grow from $10,000 to roughly $100,000 in one year.

Supremo FX Signals performed well in all currency pairs we tested. The trading signals seemed to be just as reliable in the GBP/USD as it was in the EUR/USD and so on.

Supremo FX Signals has a 60 day money back guarantee through ClickBank which makes purchasing it safe.

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