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Forex Hoster Review

General Details:


MT4 Installed: Yes


Basic Package Price: $69.95

Click Here To visit: Forex Hoster

When searching for a VPS host, you should know that Forex Hoster excels in hosting the MetaTrader 4 platform and Expert Advisors that today’s automated algorithmic Forex trader needs. Forex Hoster has their servers constantly monitored by technicians, keeping the servers up and running over 99% of the time. This allows trader to feel secure running their automated trading software at Forex Hoster, as the servers allow for them to run 24/7, and for the trader to never miss an opportunity.

One of the unique things about Forex Hoster is that they run their servers on different operating system, allowing Forex trader to use just about anything on the market to trade with. Not only do they use Windows-based programs, but also the OS9 plus Linux system, and of course the Apple Mac OSX system. This is especially appealing to traders that fear the various software threats and viruses that are aimed at Windows products. The servers are set up for ease of use, and you can even add custom scripts as well as other features, making the severs at Forex Hoster extremely flexible.

Getting connected to your account at Forex Hoster is very simple. By using the great remote access window that Forex Hoster provides, you can control your trading platform, as well as any other software you have installed on your server. You can even access your account via an iPhone, PDA, or web-enabled smart phone.

The web-based Forex Hoster application is web-based, allowing you access to the account from anywhere that has Internet access. This makes Forex Hoster great for travelling professionals or just people “on the go”. Forex Hoster will even let you demo the service before joining. Once you decide to become a customer, it’s only $69.96 a month for one of the best services around.

Click Here To visit: Forex Hoster

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