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Forex Morning Trade Review

General Details:

Updates: Life-time-free

Currencies supported:
Creator: Mark Fric
Price: $97


Forex Morning Trade system is actually both a manual and automated trading system. It comes with the system’s rules and videos, as well as the automated software. Forex Morning Trade system takes advantage of the phenomenon of the European opening. It is well-known that the start of Europe’s trading day is often when the largest moves of the day happen; this is what Forex Morning Trade is capturing.

Unique Features:

Forex Morning Trade is optimized for the GBP/USD cross, and trades only that pair. It can work with other pairs, but has been “tweaked” to use this specific market for its signals. You can either trade this system manually, or use the included expert advisor with a Metatrader 4 platform. The EA allows traders who don’t live in the appropriate time zone to let the computer do the work for them. Those who buy Forex Morning Trade also receive access to Mark’s live trading journal.

Potential Users:

Forex Morning Trade is a good system for those who do not live in the UK or Europe as it can be automated to trade during those hours. (In fact, that is the designer’s intentions.) It is a good alternative to waking up in the wee hours to take advantage of the best trading hours daily.


Forex Morning Trade has been shown to be a consistent winner in our testing, as it takes advantage of the all-important early hours of the trading day in London. It is a nice blend of a good trading system, plus the automated robot that makes Forex Morning Trade a great purchase in our opinion.

Forex Morning Trade truly is optimized for the British Pound, as it is set to British trading hours. Forex Morning Trade can possibly work with other pairs, but one suspects that you would have to adjust the time. For example, the Yen might be better served being traded at 8 a.m. Tokyo time. This wasn’t tested by us, as we found Forex Morning Trades results as more than proficient to keep the gains rolling in.

Forex Morning Trade also gives free lifetime updates, which is a huge bonus as the markets can and will change over time. With the EA, guide, and updates, Forex Morning Trade is a solid winner. Add to that the fact that Forex Morning Trade comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, and we give this robot a buy rating.

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