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General Details:

7.9                            Traffic:  200GB

MT4 Preinstalled: No         Basic Package Price: $18

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If you are looking for a virtual private server for your Forex trading, VPSLAND might just be the company for you. VPSLAND offers hosting for Forex traders using both Linux and Windows-based servers, allowing most trading platforms to be used. VPSLAND offers several different solutions for their clients, featuring the Windows 2003 Server Operating System, and Enterprise Grade Linux hosting. All of VPSLAND’s servers have a minimum of 12 GB of RAM for memory, and all use state of the art multi-core processors. VPSLAND is very careful to eliminate all maintenance and upgrades to non-trading hours. The servers are an excellent choice for Forex traders as they boast 99.99% uptime.

Beyond the servers, VPSLAND has several high speed connections to the Internet, both Tier 1 and Tier 2 level providers. All of the servers at VPSLAND are stored in their Atlanta facility which has both electrical backup and fire protection. VPSLAND’s clients also have root directory and administrator privileges, allowing them to customize the servers however they need to 24/7.

Clients of VPSLAND can connect to their servers using terminals, remote desktop, or SSH. When using Windows Server 2003 platforms, the client has full ASP, SQL, and .Net  Server support. All of the servers at VPSLAND come with their own dedicated IP address, helping to increase the speed of data flow. VPSLAND also supplies the trader with access to set up FTP, databases, Apache, and firewall configuration.

VPSLAND also takes care of their customers offering free technical support that can be reached 24/7. VPSLAND can be considered a top-notch solution, especially for the trader that needs flexibility in the set up of their server.

Click Here to Visit VPSLAND

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