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Etoro Review

Etoro Review

Background of Forex Broker:

eToro is the one of the leading retail Forex brokerages in the world. It is known mainly for its fun and simple trading platform and intuitive graphical interface. eToro has a wonderful demo trading platform in order to get used to the interface, and is encouraged to be used by the firm, as there is an active community in eToro’s forum that is constantly testing and analyzing trading strategies.

Advantages of using this broker:

EToro’s website is a very user friendly place with lots of information available easily. The sheer amount of educational tools that are available is mind boggling. The broker boasts having a very active trading community with forums, allowing traders to share strategies and thoughts about the markets as they learn together.

eToro’s web-based platform is something that has to be seen to believed. It features several different types of graphing, even one type that shows different characters in a race, each dressed as a traditional member from said country. (As an example, if the US Dollar is gaining momentum over the Japanese Yen, you will see a cowboy running faster than the Sumo wrestler!) All of eToro’s platforms allow traders to easily configure their orders, and more importantly, their risk in the marketplace.

Deposits and Withdrawals:

eToro allows you to deposit and withdraw via wire transfers, all major credit cards, Neteller,PayPal,  and Western Union, as well as many others. The withdraw process is simple, once the withdrawal form has been filled out. eToro is very easy to withdraw money from, but the online form is a must, as it ensures identity.

Customer Service:

eToro allows phone, e-mail, or chat assistance 24/7. eToro is well-known for its customer service, as it is top-notch. It is in customer service that eToro really shines.

Regulated by:

eToro is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, CYSEC. As such, traders can feel safe depositing their money with eToro.


eToro has made its name known by offering what could be one of the simplest platforms on the market. The service that you get through them is legendary, and the dealing spreads are fixed, and low. The eToro forum is packed with great traders willing to help, as well as offer their advice as well. Because of this, eToro is a great choice when it comes to Forex brokers.
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