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Instant FX Profits Review

General Details:

Creators: Kishore M., hedge fund manager

Rating: 9.3

Price: $998


Instant FX Profits was written by a well-known hedge fund manager in Singapore known simply as Kishore M. Ten separate trading systems comes with the Instant FX Profits course. This allows all traders to find a system that will work for their schedule and circumstances.

Students of the Instant FX Profits course also receive daily FX alerts for a year, and receive lifetime email and chat support from the creator.

Unique Features:

Instant FX Profits allows for access to a lifetime of updates to the materials. Because of this, the course never gets “stale”, and can adjust to the changing markets.

The Instant FX Profits course is also certified by the Metropolitan Business School of the United Kingdom.

The course also offers complete access to the website that shows all of Kishore’s setups and exact entry and exit points, allowing the student to see how the creator uses the 10 different systems.

Potential Users:

The list of potential users for Instant FX Profits is a long one. The truth is, with 10 different trading systems, there is something for everyone in this trading course.

For the trader that likes to know the creator is a successful trader, Kishore’s Instant FX Profits trading history goes back for years, and is trusted with millions of dollars every day in his hedge fund. He is one of the biggest traders in Singapore, and as such, is well-documented.


Kishore is well-known, and as such, this course should be taken very seriously. He has been seen on Bloomberg, the BBC, and other channels. He has been giving lectures for years with such notable names as Jim Rodgers.

With the 10 different systems available to learn, this trading course is an absolute value, as most courses will only include one or two systems. Kishore also can boast that Instant FX Profits has even been used to teach traders from ABN AMRO Bank, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Citibank, Doha Bank, and many others.

We found the seven different “modules” included in Instant FX Profits to be very well produced, and highly informative. The DVDs included in the Instant FX Profits course are all professionally produced and easy to follow. Kishore has shown himself to be a top-notch educator in the Forex world.

The money back guarantee for Instant FX Profits is a little unique in the sense that it is available after one year. This is because Kishore believes that you should give yourself a chance to become profitable before “throwing in the towel.”

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