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Forex Trading Made EZ Review

General Details:

Creators: George C. Smith

Rating: 8.4

Price: $77


Forex Trading Made EZ has a dozen videos and an e book that clearly explains George’s trading strategy. It is based upon trying to find several small wins a day, normally 4-5, which is quite easy based upon his trend following system. Forex Trading Made EZ is a downloadable e-book that you can get immediately, but what’s even more interesting, is that Forex Trading Made EZ also will have videos that are linked into the e-book, allowing the student to see examples where appropriate.

Unique Features:

Forex Trading Made EZ has an interconnected system of information that allows the trader to read, then watching the example trades in order to absorb the information.

The Forex Trading Made EZ course also give you access to contact George through the mailing list. He will send out videos every once in a while to explain new concepts, or show ideal set ups so the student can strive to perfect their techniques through example.

The course is now a membership site, and it allows for the trader to become updated frequently, as George is always looking to improve the knowledge in Forex Trading Made EZ. This allows for the course to grow with you, and not get “old”, as the markets can and will change over time.

Potential Users:

Potential users of Forex Trading Made EZ would be anyone who wishes to day trade the Forex markets, as the system is based upon short-term movements, normally on the 15 minute charts. In this sense, it is perfect for stay-at-home moms, retires, and full-time Forex traders.


Forex Trading Made EZ is a great trading course written by a retired airline pilot who became a very successful Forex trader. It is perhaps the fact that he didn’t start out in the trading game that the information in the course is so clear and concise. It is written in an east to understand language, and there are ample set ups shown within the material. We found all of the material to be very clear and professionally explained.

The course gives the average person the ability to profit off of the short-term market moves that are so dominant in the Forex markets. It was designed by someone like you that found they needed a way to get out of the day-to-day grind. As such, it seems that helps George get his points across, as he is just a “regular guy” like the rest of us.

The fact that the concepts all have linked videos just makes the course that much more enjoyable and understandable. George excels at getting the information across to his students by this natural feeling e-book and videos.

Forex Trading Made EZ comes with a 60 day money back guarantee from ClickBank, giving you plenty of time to examine this great course.

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