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Forex Kagi Review

General Details:

Currencies supported: All

Creators: Christopher Jackson



Forex Kagi uses time as its main premise for taking a trade. It boasts Japanese Adaptive Technology to get steady profits from the Forex marketplace. The system is independent of time and it only changes direction when a specific amount has been reached.

Forex Kagi is able to be used with multiple currencies, and also for other markets, as it is based upon technical analysis. Once you master the forex markets, you are encouraged to use Forex Kagi in other arenas as well.

Forex Kagi uses what are known as Kagi charts which are based on price, but not time, and is a manual entry system, meaning that you will always have the last say so in the decision.

Unique Features:

Forex Kagi uses a long-traded Japanese methodology in determining when a market is about to move, and not just the usual price action. It allows trader to be accurate up to 80% of the time, maximizing potential profits.

The Forex Kagi trading system can be used with stocks, bonds, and multiple currencies in all markets.

Because of this, Forex Kagi is an extremely robust system.

Forex Kagi is also considered to be a multi faceted tool that you can use to make your profits soar!

Potential Users:

Forex Kagi is for anyone who believes that a system should be time tested. After all, Kagi charts have been used for over a century in Japan. Forex Kagi is also considered a good match for anyone who wishes to trade manually instead of automated.

Forex Kagi should be appealing to anyone who trades multiple markets, as it works in all conditions and in all markets.


Forex Kagi is a combination of both the old Kagi charts, and the developer’s own Neural Adaptive Technology, which allows the trader to take advantage of all market conditions. We found that through our testing the results performed at approximately 80% winning trades, much like claimed on the website.

The other thing that makes Forex Kagi stand apart is the ability to trade any market. Add to that the fact that you can use it with as little as $100, and makes Forex Kagi one powerful system.

Forex Kagi is backed by a 60 day money back guarantee through ClickBank so you can feel confident when ordering.

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