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No Loss Robot Review

General Details:

Currencies supported: All

Updates: Life-time free

Creators: John C, Mark.

Price: $149


No Loss Robot is a trend spotting based system. Because of this, the system will only trade in the direction of the trend, allowing you to maximize your gains while using No Loss Robot.

One of the major advantages to No Loss Robot is that it monitors 8 different time frames to determine the overall trend of a currency pair. Because of this, its system is very efficient at spotting overall trends on currency pairs. In fact, this is the biggest advantage with No Loss Robot.

Unique Features:

As mentioned above, No Loss Robot monitors eight separate time frames to determine a currency pair’s trend. No Loss Robot also is flexible enough to trade any currency pair, making it a little more “broad based” than some of the specialty robots out there that will only trade one or two pairs.

No Loss Robot has a built-in money management system that calculates to make sure that only a certain percent of your account is ever being traded. No Loss Robot can sense when the markets are changing, and adjust its trend following algorithm accordingly. With this knowledge, the trader doesn’t have to worry about changing any of the settings.

Potential Users:

No Loss Robot is for the trader that is not afraid of drawdown, as the system can take some from time to time. It is for traders who believe in longer-term movements, and want to capitalize on them.

If you are looking for trades to be placed to run for great lengths of time, No Loss Robot could be for you. The trades are all taken with the trend, and can even fire off in the middle of the night, allowing the trader to profit off of overnight moves.


No Loss Robot is a great system for those who are somewhat cash-strapped, as the minimum deposit is only $100. This allows for the inexperienced to “try out” a Forex robot before committing too much trading capital to it.

The results of our test were absolutely positive, but it should be noted that No Loss Robot can take serious draw downs in order to reach the 100% success rate. It is because of this that only those who are risk-inclined should use the system. A recent test of the system saw a 21.53% return in one month, so No Loss Robot certainly makes money, but you have to be willing to let it do its magic.

The robot seemed to work on all currency pairs, allowing for greater trading opportunities. The system also comes with a report that explains the best brokers to use with No Loss Robot as well, giving you the ability to maximize the system’s potential. Overall, we were impressed with No Loss Robot. Add to that the 60 day money back guarantee, and you have a winning proposition.

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