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Forex Trading Machine Review

General Details:

Creators: Avi Frister




Forex Trading Machine comes with three different trading strategies: Forex Cash Cow, Forex Runner, and Forex Flip and Go. This ensures that the average trader will find something in this course that is ideal for them.

There are different time frames covered in the Forex Trading Machine program, and as such, will allow the trader to profit from different situations. Avi focuses on PDFT, (Is an acronym for:Price Driven Forex Trading), which is his own revolutionary and unique strategy.

Unique Features:

Forex Trading Machine allows the trader to know a day ahead, in certain strategies, if there is going to be a potential trade! The Forex Trading Machine course also teaches several different types of trading, so that you can be a swing trader, a longer-term strategy, and a day trader that aims for extremely short moves.

Potential Users:

Potential users of Forex Trading Machine will be numerous, as it allows for long-term trades, as well as extremely short-term ones.

People who work full-time will enjoy the “Forex Cash Cow” system, since it allows for end of day trading, as it allows these people to trade while working. The other two systems are more ideal for people that have a lot of free time to watch the charts.


Forex Trading Machine is an excellent trading course as it allows so many people the ability to trade. All three of the systems included in Forex Trading Machine stress small stop losses and large take profit targets, making sure your losses are cut short, while letting winning trades to run.

Forex Trading Machine comes with a 56 day money back guarantee in order to give you ample time to study the strategies, and test them out. The course comes with a total of 9 videos that focus on the strategies outlined in the Forex Trading Machine course.

We found the videos to be very informative, and professionally done. Each of the strategies in Forex Trading Machine is easily followed, and shown to work in real time. The Forex Trading Machine also comes with a 180 page trading manual that you will find as a useful reference to turn to as your trade throughout the years.

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