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Forex Rebellion Review

General Details:

Currencies supported: All

Time frames supported: All

Updates: Life-time free

Price: $97

Name of automated forex trading system:

Forex Rebellion


Russ Horn


Forex Rebellion has been verified a successful trading system through the Surefire Trading Challenge, a reputable Forex competition organizer. Because of this, you know that it has been independently watched and scored by well known establishment.

There are multiple custom indicators in Forex Rebellion that help you filter out bad signals, allowing for more accurate trading. This shows up as a 30% decrease in trading losses because of the entry and exit strategies. The Forex Rebellion system is designed to work with all currencies and time frames as well, allowing the trader to work in whatever environment they choose.

The support for Forex Rebellion is top-notch, and comes from professional traders who know the trading game, as compared to typical helpdesk support.

Unique Features:

Forex Rebellion can be learned and implemented in as little as 25 minutes, because the system gives clear, concise and obvious signals. Forex Rebellion also has documented at least an 80% winning accuracy score by independent testers.

The signals created by Forex Rebellion allow the trader to either make the trade, or simply ignore them. (For example, if there were an big announcement coming, you could simply ignore Forex Rebellion as it is only showing you which direction the market is “leaning”.)

Forex Rebellion isn’t a typical software program, there is no installation, and rather it is a guideline for setting up indicators and how to react to them. It is a true system in the fact that you will be learning it.

Potential Users:

Forex Rebellion is just right as a “hybrid” of mechanical and discretionary systems, and will serve traders who are a bit nervous about letting automated trading take over their account.

Forex Rebellion is also good for those that like the flexibility of being able to stick to one system, as it works with all trading conditions and currencies, as well as time frames.


The testing proved to be very impressive with Forex Rebellion. It truly was profitable, as gains were roughly 80% of all trades, like the creators claimed. The fact that it has been independently verified by a completion organizer also bodes well for this system.

Forex Rebellion comes with the guide, a bonus strategy, the “Better Trader” video series, and free updates for life. All and all, Forex Rebellion is a true value.

Forex Rebellion also comes with a 60 money back guarantee form ClickBank as well, so there are no worries about the purchase.

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