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Forex NightFox Review

General Details:

Currencies supported: All

Updates: Life-time free

Creators: Ted Pearson

Price: $127


Forex NightFox uses solid money management that limits the trader’s potential drawdown. Forex NightFox searches for small movements in the quiet hours of Asian trading in order to make 5 pip gains. Because of this, it can have a high win to loss ratio.

Unique Features:

An adjustable risk parameter is one of the things that separate Forex NightFox from the crowd. Forex NightFox also takes advantage of the slower times in the Forex markets, allowing it to be a reliable and stable strategy. Forex NightFox also has a feature that detects a change in your broker’s dealing spreads, and reports any possible spread manipulation.

Potential Users:

Forex NightFox is ideal for people that are looking for a system to trade while they sleep. In fact, Forex NightFox could even be used as a “complementary” system to any live trading you do now, as it focuses on times when active traders simply are not going to be involved in the markets.


Forex NightFox proved to be highly profitable in our testing and analysis. The primary timeframe that Forex NightFox uses to execute its trades is the four-hour chart. Forex NightFox aim is to traget  as many pips as possible on eachtrade. Depending on the time of day, the strategy will speed up or slow down as Forex NightFox also takes into account which trading session is active. As mentioned above, you will notice that a large amount of the trades Forex NightFox takes are during the Asian markets.

Forex NightFox seems to work well with the initial $1000 deposit that the website recommends. You can expect to see instant profits when using Forex NightFox, as it is a highly successful program. During our testing with the initial $1000 deposit we managed to get a 13% gain within the first month. This is a very substantial short-term gain, and we have to say that we are very pleased with this system. This system has even received the nickname “poor man’s Forex agent”, due to the ability to make extremely high returns from the initially small deposit required. Forex NightFox even comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee from its designer! Because of this, the automated trader can feel safe and secure using Forex NightFox as their robot.

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