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Forex Bulletproof Review

General Details:

Software: Forex Bulletproof

Currency Pairs Supported: Multiple


Price: $149


Steve Carletti, Mike, and Uli of FAP Turbo.


Forex Bulletproof comes backed by 6 years of live trading history. During this time, Forex Bulletproof didn’t have a single losing month! Forex Bulletproof uses solid money management that focuses on safe trading and consistent growth. Forex Bulletproof was programmed by the creators of two of the most famous robots out there, FAP Turbo and Forex Autopilot.

Unique Features:

Forex Bulletproof is highly expandable. The system has two expansion modules that can be added to it. Forex Bulletproof is the foundation, but you can add High Voltage, (higher risk/return model) and Market Dominator, which is a collection of highly successful trading strategies that the trader can use to trade manually, in order to compliment Forex Bulletproof. The Forex Bulletproof system works with both 4 and 5 digit price feeds.

Potential Users:

Forex Bulletproof is ideal for traders that are adverse to studying technical analysis. Forex Bulletproof will also be a good fit for those who prefer to purchase from a well-known and established vendor as well. Forex Bulletproof is also good for those who wish to forgo the usual learning curve, and get straight to trading.


Forex Bulletproof proved to be a consistent and reliably profitable system in our testing and analysis. We found the expansion modules to be highly effective as well. Forex Bulletproof works well for a steady growth account, as it goes for consistency, and not explosive returns, limiting the risk that Forex Bulletproof will take.

Forex Bulletproof made its creators massive profits from their original $1000 deposit. The creators made their original $1,000 turn into $149,484 using Forex Bulletproof. You can expect to see consistent profits when using Forex Bulletproof, as it is a solid and successful trading program. We found this system to perform exactly as the creators claim, and that returns just simply do not go down. This system was originally kept private, as the guys used it for their personal accounts for 6 years before releasing Forex Bulletproof to the public. Forex Bulletproof even comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee from its designer. As the creators of Forex Bulletproof are already successful designers of systems like Forex Autopilot and FAP Turbo, you can feel safe and secure using Forex Bulletproof as a trading robot.

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