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Xtreme Pip Poacher Review

General Details:

Currencies supported: EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, USD/CHF

Updates: Life-time free

Creators: Andy Williamson

Price: $77


Xtreme Pip Poacher uses a trailing stop in order to maximize profits, but more importantly – cut losses when the trade turns around. It also is authenticated by the creator’s live trading account statements on the homepage.

There is a member’s area that has videos and regular trading content as well. This allows for a constant education in the nuances of using Xtreme Pip Poacher. The strategy is 100% automatic, and only requires 10-12 minutes a day to monitor it. Xtreme Pip Poacher is a truly “hands-off” approach to trading foreign currency online.

Xtreme Pip Poacher has a very low drawdown ratio, and in fact, the creator claims only 1.27%, as it takes advantage of looking for small returns, on a more frequent basis than many other systems out there.

Unique Features:

Xtreme Pip Poacher includes a broker protection system, monitoring any suspicious spread widening. The system focuses on 4 specific pairs: EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, and the USD/CHF.

The system boasts updates for life, keeping the relevant parts of the system intact, while being able to adjust for changing market conditions. The system works on a swing trading principle, as Xtreme Pip Poacher attempts to stay in a trade for several days at a time. It employs price movement patterns, and sensitive price filters to generate its signals.

Potential Users:

Xtreme Pip Poacher is for those traders that are looking to smooth out their equity curve instead of aiming for faster gains. As Xtreme Pip Poacher trades for days at a time, short-term whipsaws are generally avoided. Traders using Xtreme Pip Poacher will find that the rollercoaster of emotion that can come with market ups and downs will be tamed by the system’s price filters, allowing for a stress-free experience.


Xtreme Pip Poacher is a great value for all traders, as it not only includes the system, but also includes several bonuses like a dedicated personal success coach, and videos at the members area.

The trailing stop that is used allows for gains to be maximized and losses can be cut short. Through our testing, we found the results to back up the developers claims for success, as he posts his live trading results on his homepage.

The low deposit needed to trade this system ($100) is a huge advantage. It allows for the common man to trade using Xtreme Pip Poacher. The instruction manual is extremely detailed, as Andy Williamson has put together the complete package with Xtreme Pip Poacher.

Xtreme Pip Poacher comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

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